Mobile Tag

Kuwaiti Chopper Dude tagged me. So here goes:

This is my phone display picture


And for the people I’ll be tagging, these are the rules:

- a clear picture of the inner surface of your mobile (cell) phone to show the display picture you have on your phone.

- it should show the name brand of the mobile (cell) phone.

And for fun and not part of the tag, here are all my old mobiles:


Click on the pictures if you want a bigger view.

I tag all of you that think this is cool.


  1. Ack -- that brown nokia !!

    (shield thy eyes! shield they eyes!)

  2. You've been through many mobiles! I hope you don't change women like you do your phones :P

  3. At last someone with a collection of celly's to rival my own. Sir I salute you!

  4. actually I over looked one phone, and now I had to come back and tell you what were you thinking when you bought the wood like Siemens cell phone? hahahahaha :P

  5. true: look closer you will some siemens there

    don: thanks

    amer: actually it is a siemens, it's a classic from all the comments I got on it, I might use it again as my regular phone ;-)

    jewaira: Variety Is The Spice Of Life

    mia: thanks, show us your collection, can you?

    don: hehe, disgustingly beautiful, I might use it again.

    all: You are all tagged, except those that already did the tag.

  6. I wish I could, I donated them to charity last month. There’s an organization out here that hooks the cell phones up for battered women.

    I had 22 of them BUT before you think I’m a celly aholic well actually I was come to think of it. They were from the various cell phone companies Verizon, Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T, Cingular and my current company Nextel.

    BTW I had a couple of Siemens but I never ever saw that wood looking edition…what is that the lumber jack edition? …lol

  7. Nice collection of mobiles. Though i am not that fan of Nokia. I am a Sony Ericsson fan. :)