World Cup Football - I don't get it

World Cup

The World cup has started and different countries are playing against each other to win the coveted cup. Good for them. If a team wins, the players would win multi-million dollars contracts for advertising and promotions.

What I don't understand is what would the spectators win? Do they get money? Do they get a little percentage out of the winning team they supported? Do they get compensated for their loyalty in watching their teams play ever match? Do they get signed postcards from the winning team thanking them for cheering them?

What is the reward in watching men with hairy legs kick a ball around all over the place?

I don't get it.


  1. the fans get the pleasure of being part of one of the best games ever!

  2. It's just the fact that not everyone can do what these guys do.

  3. Well, YOU might not get anything out of watching hairy men on the soccer field but I sure as hell get a damn good kick out of watching them run around ;P~

  4. hussa & adorra: glad I am not the only one.

    tinker: I still don't get it, but that is just me.

    mia: I can kick a ball around, I can score a few goals, no one is filling stadiums to watch me, I must be doing something wrong then.

    erzulie: I don't need to watch hairy men, I got my own ;-)

  5. confession, it was last week when I got to know where the world cup is going to be held.. honest truth.. lol

  6. I don't get it and I never will, nor would I want to.

  7. the don: amigo, since the world cup started I did not see a single game, and I am proud of it.

    QC: My thoughts exactly.