Coffee and Atom Bombs

With Iran building nuclear weapons power plants right next door to our Kuwaiti shores, the Iranian foreign minister reassured everyone by saying:

We emphasize the peaceful nature of our nuclear weapons... I mean... of our nuclear power plant, and nuclear energy and activities. We have no need for nuclear weapons, as we've often said. Nuclear weapons are not part of our defense doctrine.

Well just to be safe, and in case a nasty mistake or misunderstanding happens, what can we Kuwaitis do ?

The answer is run to your nearest favorite coffee shop and order 20 shots of espresso and gulp it down fast, it might make you walk on the ceiling but it will protect you from harmful radiation. Indian scientists say coffee protects mice from radiation and could work the same way in humans.

So in case of atomic bombs dropping on us, not only cockroaches would survive but caffeine filled people too.

Coffee Force Field

This public service announcement brought to you by Don Veto.


  1. I,d rather prefer green tea to coffee .

  2. Don I'm Dooooooooooooommmed !!!

    I can't handle Coffee :(

    one sip and I'm bouncing off the walls... and half a shot I'd be up 3 nights in a row... so 20 shots @@ !!!!!! oooLLLLLaaaaaHH !!

    Hmmm now that I think of it... I'd probably be the first to survive.. coz I would reach the moon in a jiffy with all that cafine in my system..

  3. Thanks Don, I've been worrying for a while about what to do about the whole thing :)