Kuwait Parliament Elections Results

For Elections results, you can find them here.

Not right now!, of course, but after all the votes have been collected and the election posts are closed, which should be after 8pm today.

Euronews segment about women voting in Kuwait can be found here.

Vote 1

Vote 2

Vote 3


  1. Are those photos from television? I was too timid to take pictures for fear of reprisal :P

    Thanks for the link

  2. Jewaira: I wish I could say I took them, but you caught me. They _are_ from TV. Euronews had a nice coverage of women voting in Kuwait. I snapped them off the TV screen and cropped out the euronews banners and logo.

  3. I`m going to search for results &
    what Russian journalusts & politics think of it.

    Very interesting!

  4. If you want to have a good laugh read the MP names in English. Get Google to do the translation for you.

    Go here: