Lie Detector for your Mobile


We all have been lied to from time to time. When you are facing the liar, you can detect the lies from the body language and furtive movements. Sometimes, it is easier to be lied to on the phone.

Well, here is a lie detector for your mobile that tells you the stress levels of the person you are talking to and you can determine if you smell bull proccessed grass.

You can get the mobile software from here.


  1. Man that is the creepiest thing I have ever heard of in my life. How sad and paranoid that someone will probably down load it and use it too!

  2. Agree with the 1st message :)

    But also... a lot of people don`t want to know when they are lied.
    No need...

    + I guess every time the same sentence can sound in different ways & to be a lie & truth.


  3. Hola! At first I thought it was a joke. Still not completely convinced ... my brain doesn't want to register that this is an actual product er download or whatever. I'd totally download it if it was compatible with my mobile :P Sad thing is, if someone used that on me (even if I wasn't told they were using it), I'd probably sound like I was lying haha Stress factor = unreliable. Interesting though :P Thanks for adding me to your hit list!

  4. What??!!? I hope noone I know finds out about this...LOL...jk

  5. I am so in need of it. Thanks for the tip Don. :)

  6. mia: well I didn't download it, because my mobile doesn't support it and I have an internal BS detector already built in.

    sever: that is true, a lot of people don't want to know the truth and would rather hear lies.

    DG: It's no joke, welcome to a brave new world.

    vie: hehe, maybe it will not detect white lies.

    hussa: does it work? I never believed in lie detectors.