Trafalgar Square? Wrong! Rather Safat Square

I was driving in what was originally Safat Square, even though now it is no longer a square because it has been built up. I stopped at the roundabout traffic light with the Safat post office to my right. Just behind the Safat post office building and opposite the Kuwait Transport Co. central station, there was an empty unbuilt area and it was filled with pigeons. Some people where just standing there enjoying the views, others where feeding the birds.

I quickly whipped out my camera phone and snapped a few pictures, the quality is not so great, but still very nice. It reminded me of Trafalgar Square, without Nelson and the Lions.










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  2. Hello. Glad to see that another blogger refers to the place as “Trafalger Square” :-D

  3. lo0l ya3nii khala9 mako london? ;p

  4. ttdgmllq80: Your pics are better than mine, but still a nice place to visit.

    baroque: well you got marks and spencers, boots, virgin, and now our own trafalgar sqare, so bye bye London ;-)

  5. Nice... you could catch perfect moments... even moments.

    Good :)

    It remineds me the place beside our church. Old women feeding birds.