Blue Boulevard (post.a.no.secret)

It is August, the start of a new month, the peak of summer, and not forgetting, the time to submit to Papillona's wishes/ tag of post.a.no.secret.

So here is my contribution (click on the pic to get a bigger version),


the rules of the tag are,

1. Post it on your blog or just email it to Papillona.
2. Link it to post.a.no.secret.
3. Revealing your identity is optional

Be careful not to share any information you wouldn't want the world to see

No list from Papillona:
NO I won't fix any of the secrets you send.
NO I wont post pictures of real people.


  1. You romantic you :P

    We rarely see that side of u.

  2. Well it is supposed to be a secret, right?

  3. I see a lot of those post.a.no.secret thing, but I still don't get it :s...

  4. cece: it is like a game, you make a graphics with a few words about a secret you have. Nothing very drastic like where you hid the Lindbergh baby, just a litttle something about you. Go to http://papillona.blogspot.com/ to get more info. She is running the show.