The Kuwait Towers

The Kuwait Towers are a Kuwaiti Landmark. The Towers are located on the Water Front. Built in 1979 these three towers have a dual function as both entertainment facilities and water reservoirs.

The largest tower has two spheres, the upper is a revolving observation deck with cafeteria and the lower sphere has 3 restaurants in the top part and a one million gallon water reservoir in the bottom.

The middle sized tower has another one million gallon water reservoir in the sphere and lastly the thin tower has 96 concealed spotlights which illuminate the other two towers and the surrounding area.


height of tower (1): 185 m
height of tower (2): 145.80 m

The Kuwait Towers under construction:

Kuwait Towers 1
Kuwait Towers 2
Kuwait Towers 3

Satellite image of the Kuwait Towers:

Kuwait Towers Top View

The Kuwait Towers in its full completed glory:

Kuwait Towers


  1. Shot gun :)

    the first time i visited Kuwait Towers was two weeks ago. me and Bluu had a lunch and it was interesting the elevator reads meters rather than floors, and inside the elevator is a guy his sole job is to ride us thru.

    good sight from above

  2. Wow amazing pics don...i never saw those old ones...thanx!

  3. Very nice! I loved the photos. Every time I come here I end up learning something new. Thank you sensai!

  4. Priceless photos if you ask me :)

  5. We learn something new everyday!!! Thanks..

  6. bloo: very beautiful view especially when the weather is clear.

    DR: welcome, a little history for you.

    mia: Welcome, my little grasshopper.

    3baid: I like them too, so I thought I would share them.

    phoenix: welcome :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing the old photos, I was too young to take photos when it was under construction. But do remember it, one of my class mates father was engineer during its construction. I will see if his father has any photos on him, am sure not better then these one.