Maximizing your Salad Bar

A lot of restaurants like Pizza hut have salad bars. The bowl they give you is microscopic and you are only allowed to visit the salad bar once.

Here are some techniques in making the most out of the single salad bar visit.

I am going to try this at Le Nôtre.

Maximizing your salad bar can be found here.


  1. الله يغربل ابليسك يادون
    اللنك موتني من الضحك
    عيوني دمعت
    مشكور :*

  2. WOW.

    Tell us how it turns out....but ill doubt ull make it that high, that would be just ridiculous.

  3. LOL, reminded me of a time that I went to a Mexican Buffet all you can eat and the catch was that I could only go to the buffet once with a small plate and a bowl...but being a Mexican I made a lot of food fit...wasn't that high up but it was pretty good amount...and I did it not so much for the food (it wasn't that good) but for the principle...the restaurant was false marketing all you can eat....more like all you can fit hehehe