Papa John's Pizza in Kuwait

Papa John's Sign

I went to Papa John's Pizza in Salmiyah, Kuwait. I read some good reccomendations on the different blogs about it, and I was driving around and saw a sign that said Baba Jones in Arabic, I thought it might have been a brand knockoff, but there it was in smaller letters, Papa John's Pizza. So I parked my car and walked in.

The place was relatively clean, there was one customer in front of me asking a lot about Papa John's like their working time, where they deliver, what ingredients they use, having each picture on the menu explained to him, how their call center operated, everything and anythnig except placing an order.

I waited politely behind him. Another Papa John's Pizzarista (is that the right word?) apeared and I gave him my order. The other guy was still interogating the first Pizzarista. They told me to wait 10 minutes for my Pizza to be ready.

I managed to get a few pictures from my Camera phone when everyones' back was turned.

Preparation Area

Above is the preparation area where they make the dough.  The pizza dough is actually tossed in the air. I wanted to take a picture of the dough being tossed  but I was afraid the tosser  might not catch it and then I would be eating pizza with a special blend of herbs and spices courtesy of the floor.

Cash Register

To my right is the cashier area where they take your dough (or Dinars).

Pizza Ingredients

The Pizza dough is taken next to the ingredients area where the different goodies are put on it.

Pizza Ingredients

Notice the Pizza ingredients highlighted in Capital letters, this helps the Pizzarista quickly follow what he needs to put on the Pizza according to the order received.

The Pizza took 20 minutes to prepare and then I got the pizza and rushed back home to eat it.

Pizza Box

Here is the closed box.


Here is the Pizza, notice the yellow round plastic thingie on the side?


Well, that is Papa John's garlic sauce, very potent, do not use it if you plan on meeting other people later.

Now after wolfing down that Pizza, I need some coffee, so I am going out and getting some of this:

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  1. papa johns is a great pizza - at least it was in the states. the garlic thingie doesnt hurt either~

  2. yeah GOOD GOOD pizza.

    You just had pizza why did you order the bread/cake thingy at starbucks?

  3. amer: it was delicious

    DR: very very good, I am going to go back there again, too bad they don't deliver all over Kuwait yet.

    adorra: I didn't, that was an old pic, what I wanted to say was that a coffee / desert would go nicely with the Pizza after ;-)

  4. compared to pizza hut & dominos, how do ya fare this ?

  5. All are good, but Pizza Hut I feel is very heavy and greasy, Papa John's is not so heavy, and Dominoes especially the thin crusted one is the lightest.

    So, personally, I like Dominos the best, but that is my personal opinion.

  6. Papa John's...I love the pizza there....and it looks just like the one's they sell here in the US even with the garlic sauce that u can dip the crust on and eat it like bread sticks...

  7. I think i'm too spoiled. I'm so used to pizza made the old fashioned way in brick ovens. I just can't eat Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, Little Cecears etc to me they all taste the same. As a matter of fact the Papa John guy was one of the founders of Pizza Hut I believe...one of those card board pizza chains.

  8. Hi there,

    thanks for the precious review from two italians desperately seeking for some home-reminding taste ;)

    BTW, the right name for the pizza-maker is "pizzaiolo"

    As soon as we try Papa john's , i'll let you know our opinion...

    so far, thx again for the nice suggestion