Tangled up in Blue

Bob Dylan, I think, is an acquired taste, he is not much of a singer but a great composer. He has got great songs that a lot of people covered. Usually, when you hear a cover, the original is much better. In Bob's case, the people covering him sound better than him. Take a listen, which version of the classic "Tangled up in Blue" is better?

Covered by KT Tunstall

The Original Bob Dylan


  1. I am not a great fan of him, and yes, he doesn't sound that good to me!


  2. I love his music, but you are right; he has to grow on you.

  3. The Tunstall cover sounds mainstream and what our ears are used to hearing these days.

    But oh, Bob Dylan's voice and music makes my heart leap. So distinct and so full of "things" to discover. It is the roughness in his music that is so attractive.

  4. I'm not a big fan of his singing but man oh man his songs are amazing. Oh wait I did like his voice on Lay Lady Lay...but if memory serves me right he had just had some type of nasal surgery when he recorded that song.

  5. QC: what music do you like?

    anon: exactly.

    jewaira: he does have a certain inimitable way of singing.

    mia: are you saying Bob needs surgery before he can sing properly?