If Kuwait was a guy...

By Meshary Al-Ruwaih
* He would be arrogant, still likable and has many friends.
* He would be lazy, but has a lot of potential that could be realised only if he works hard.
* While raised properly, he would be spoiled and lacking some manners.
* He would be rich, yet has no plans of how to sustain his income.
* He would be spiritual, yet maintains playful lifestyle.
* He would love women, a lot, still shows his woman no sign of respect.
* He would live an incoherent life, mismanage his affairs, and always say to himself "everything will sort itself out".
* He would borrow money to buy a nice car, trendy clothes, and then cry at his mounting debts and ask his uncle to pay them.
* Finally he would live in a beautiful house from the outside, ugly from the inside and has neither electricity nor water.

Poor guy, I don't know if he's going to make it through life.

Taken from here.

Now the question that needs to be asked is, what if Kuwait was a girl?


  1. If Kuwait were a girl, she would be fascinating, charming, intelligent, quick witted AND successful :P

  2. Lol I agree with adorra; I think Kuwaiti women are beautiful.

    If Kuwait was a woman she would be:
    1- Decisive but hesitant in her choices
    2- Looks fabulous but has a messy room
    3- Is clueless at first but instinctively resourceful
    4- Vulnerable but strong headed and willed
    5- Looks innocent and naive but has the most racy and kinky fantasies than any other woman
    6- Passionate yet cautious


  3. Daym...I know just the right girl Kuwait would be like but she'll kill me if I said it out here. Erzulie kinda nailed it with a few points

  4. she would be single