Too much is never enough.

There are a lot of things where too much is never enough.

Larry Ellison of Oracle

For some people it is money,

Lamborghini Diablo

some people need speed,

Huge Car Sub Woofers and Speakers

others it is louder sound,

Paris Hilton - Famous for being Famous

and others look for more and more fame.

For me it is screen space. I need a big desktop for my screen. I can never have enough desktop space for all my different open windows.

Maybe I need to fix something like this in my house.


  1. I need me one of those too :P

  2. I have a friend who has a screen on his wall, but I think it costs more than 10 000 dollars!

  3. diigma: me too :-(

    DR: I can live without love, I want this screen

    blue: I know, it will not be cheap, but worth it.