How to be a good wife


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The authenticity of this document is disputed here.


  1. Your post came in time, dear Don Veto!

    Sounds like a sneer.

    Trying to find something from this list I can do.

    I think I must write "How to be a bad wife" :P

  2. La! Ma asadig!

    Shino hatha? hahahahah yth7aik!

  3. this is so anti-feminist, even if somethem make sense. bsara7a a woman will work way way harder if it comes from her own creation/desire/feelings.. not force it!!! actually, in line with this list, there is a book sold in virgin megastore called: romanseyat, its red and u can see it in the counter when u come to pay.. i read it and definitely didn't buy it, its full of :put secret letters in his pocket, put flowers all the way to his bed, supress ur sadness and show him affection, fake crying when he is about to leave.

    SHDA3WA!! No man is worth that much, and certinly not one who isn't doing his list as well.

  4. all: Well there are some good points but it needs to come from the heart, not because a book or article told you to.

  5. I can actually agree with some of the points about making ur home a haven but not only for the husband's sake but for the whole family...but the thing about not questioning ur man...heck no...question everything....men cant be trusted!!!!!

  6. Although there are some bits in the article/list that are funny now and downright outrageous, I certainly think that a clever wife could use some of those tips to ensure a peaceful household/marriage.