What you cannot bring with you when you fly

You all heard the news about those crazies that wanted to blow up airplanes flying between the UK and USA. Well the immediate consequence is that you are not allowed to carry essentials like iPods, Cafe Lattes, cell phones, laptop computers, etc. This is very sad. Long flights are extremely boring and now without your entertainment electronics and liquid essentials they will get more boring.

I predict, other airlines and flight routes will follow suit and start banning these liquid and electronic items.

Resurect the Titanic, I want to float instead of fly.


  1. It is all very upsetting. Whatever next?

  2. Yup according to news reports the banning of liquids etc is about to become the norm.

  3. People are strong. We'll overcome all this stuff...

    And as for the music... when you get really old (like me) you start singing inside your head and don't need the stuff from outside it as much...