Doctors on TV

Doctors on TV are extremely professional. I love watching these hospital shows on TV like ER, especially when someone goes to surgery. The level of professionalism is amazing. Those surgeon doctors hold the life of their patient in their hands as they fix the patient's open insides. The cleanliness in the operating room is also incredible, to avoid infecting the patient, surgical robes and instruments are used once and then thrown away. The room is irradiated and gassed prior to surgery to ensure that any evil microorganism is destroyed and will not affect the patient under the knife.

Too bad this is Television; the real world is slightly different.


  1. what the hell !!!!!!

    poor patient will get over with all kinds of internal infections!!!!

    OH MY GOD!!!

    i still can't believe it.

  2. abaih!

    When I was reading the article I was thinking: yah, that's only TV! But I was not excepting any thing like birds in the surgery room!

    Btw, Which hospital was that?

  3. ami: I don't know which hospital it is, sorry.