Ya Ghali suing Ya Ali

Remember Ya Ghali by our very own Kuwaiti group Guitara?

Well it was "borrowed" for a Hindi movie and renamed Ya Ali and is now a mega hit.

The Guitara guys are pissed off and now are taking legal action.

Kuwait-based Guitara band - backed by a Saudi prince - is all set to take legal action against the makers of Ya Ali for lifting their tune.

Bollywood has done it again. Lifting a tune, that is. But this time over, along with the success of the song, they have also earned the wrath of the Prince of the Saudi Arabian royal family who owns the company that has produced the original Arabic song Ya Ghali, which apparently has been plagiarised to come up with the Gangster chartbuster, Ya Ali.

You can be the judge and jury, here is the original Guitara song - Ya Ghali

Here is the Hindi version, Ya Ali

Rip off or innocent creativity?

I think they sound very similar, but the indian video is much better, it has a heart broken singer, pretty lady, guns and police chases. The Guitara video is more like fixing your car in Shuweikh il Sina3iya.


  1. LOL i was thinking shino SUING maybe its a SP and he means SING lool

    Bollywood always do that. You know who else does that? 3amro diab...kila turkish al7an....!

    Shwaikh il9ina3iya lol i hate that video..made me hate the song

  2. The song sounds exactley the same ... Guitara should at least get some monetary rights to the song.

  3. You know that they also did it with Miami's song 3ashaw? They do it all the time!

  4. Lo0ol. You know I think I like the indian version better:P But why is a guy singing about Ali? :S

  5. DR: Ya Ghali is a great song, but you are right, the video sucks.

    k: I think with the help of some powerful lawyers they will.

    wilted: yup

    phoenix: Reallly? what's it called? I'd love to hear the hindi version.

    viva: Ali could be a girl's name if it was something like Ally.

  6. I agree the songs sounds almost a total copy.. at the start.. To bad nothing much would happen to Pritam the Music Director , or the producers of Gangster , for plagiarizing. its commonplace for movie music directors.. and has been happenning since decades..

    Tho I must admit, the song's really awesome., is almost an anthem here in India and the other songs are equally up to the task in this album..

    Apart from Ya Ali, there is one more song called Bheegi Bheegi which is a direct lift of from an old Bengali song.. but who cares as long as the sound's new to 99% of the intended audience, and the quality is real good.

    Ali is not a girl's name.. "Ya Ali" is used here as anyone would use it.. a common prayer, a request to the almighty for strength

  7. Ya Ghali is totally better than Ya Ali,i don't really understand the part when the guy sings about Ali...

  8. easy conclusion, Ya Ghali, A+ material, Ya Ali just stinks.

  9. If Ya Ali wasn't a hit, wud the group have sued ?? heh heh.
    I certaily lke the Indian version better, tho shamefully its plagiarized.
    Ya Ali isn't a guy singing it to a girl.. its a plea to god.. more like the Shias say " ya ali madad" = "madad= help".. and well it wud be too long a response to translate the lyrics.
    wha say, even if we did copy it, its a hit.

  10. I like the indian version better they improved it nicely but Guitara does desrves somthing outof it.....and guys plz dont be confuzed with indian version its lyrics and video fits very nicely in the movie of which its a part of......

  11. And guys one more things there another less techno version of this indian version also there its much better then this i will post it

  12. here it is


    6 minute (glitch arounds a bit)

  13. all: thank you for the added info, especially Anand, the new youtube link is great, even though I don't understand indian except for the similar arabic words, it moved me.

  14. ;)
    its nice to know you liked it :)

  15. I love the Indian video. The lover is calling Haztath Ali's Madad( help) to seek for his lover This song is a great hit.

  16. Hey Hazrath Ali is very popular in Hindi songs. I love when his name is mentioned in the songs. Ya Ali Madad Ali is a great hit.

  17. yes guys..its very clear in arabic version video is very poor ...may be lack of ideas...infact the mood of songs only suit with hindi version...you know whatever a song is good it should handled by right person. when pritam got the bit of the song..he really made wonder with the video with the help of film's other crew members. rash

  18. I am an Indian women ! I am very disturbed by the fact that the plagiarism is a part and parcel of film industry in India. To be very frank, I heard "Ya ali" and thought the song was very very nice but it definitely had a Sufi note to it. When I searched for ya ali on the web , i encountered "Ya Ghali", since then I've been listening only to the original.The music director must have no ethics watsoever !

  19. divz: It is true that they "borrowed" the song, but you have to admit the Indian version is quite good and the video is much nicer.

  20. the remix version of Ya Ali is pretty bad...and its not the best version of the song to put up right next to Ya Ghali if you're trying to compare the two...if anything you should put the original Ya Ali Video in place of the remix version cuz in the end, aren't we trying to compare songs and not videos? Anyways, i am starting to lose my attachment to bollywood...i sing and dance to hindi songs, i've sung and danced to kaho na kaho...sung woh lamhe and Ya Ali...but just knowing that they are copies of other songs makes me question bollywood as a whole and now everytime i listen to a good bollywood song i just assume its a copy of some other artist...i like Ya Ghali better, i love Jal's woh Lamhay better...no matter how good it is, if Ya Ali is just a copy of another song, when Zehreeli Raatein is just a copy of Aadat...i no longer trust bollywood's "work"

  21. by the way i am a 19 yr old Indian guy from the US, so i did not just say all that because I love one country over another, but i said all that because of my love for music and ORIGINAL work

  22. Hi All,

    I am from India and have heard both the songs. Well someone asked about the reference of Ali in the song "Ya Ali.." the hindi copy for the "Ya Ghali...." original version.

    Here Ali is actually a reference to Allah or god almighty and the singer is asking for help and forgiveness simultaneously from the god almighty in order to dedicate his life for his love rather than Allah....

    I agree that tune is actually an identical lift from the original... but I see it an opportunity for Guitara to enter a market that is full of Sufi and Arabic music supporters.

    Yes they should slap the charges on Pritam (the music director) for copying the song but also they can see this as big door to an untapped audience of India and Pakistan who prefer Urdu and Hindi and don't know Arabic.

    This is how Atif Aslam entered Bollywood and is making immense of his talent....

    Making business out of challenges is much better than whining and cribbing like kids.....