About bad luck -or- why does it happen only to me?

Bd Luck

Why does it happen only to me that:

When I am in a hurry driving somewhere because I am late, some poor soul maybe tired of his unhappy life thinks of crossing the street slowly right in front of me just under the pedestrian bridge.

I am sitting in a quiet cafe and all of a sudden some workman thinks it is the perfect time to install a fixture with a very loud drill above my head, at the same time an African man is talking Swahili in a very loud voice on his mobile right next to me, he is so loud, I am sure his friends in Africa can hear him without his mobile.

Stretching my legs on an airplane on an aisle seat, a big lady has a lengthy argument / discussion with the stewardess right next to my seat. I need to lean across the middle seat to avoid accidentally bumping my head on her protruding parts and being blamed for something I am completely innocent of.

I am very punctual for my flights and am among the first to check in my luggage, as a reward, I get my baggage coming out the last in the baggage carousel on my destination.

I prepare an elaborate omelet with tomatoes, cheese and anything that can be thrown in and when I slide the omelet to the plate and carry it out of the kitchen the plate falls omelet first.

I sit at the tempura table with the hot surface in front of me and the cook decides to grill 2 kilos of garlic for someone else's order right in front of me with the fumes bathing me.

I like to think you are allocated a fixed amount of bad luck in your life, so if you get bad luck in minor things your quota of major bad luck decreases. So it is all good in the end.


  1. How about good luck, does it only happen to you? And do you get that in quotas as well?

    WV: oqjgre

  2. You're still lucky .. in a sense. You don't run into the 'poor soul'

    I can't think of you being lucky with the rest of the incident.

    Funny post :-D needed that today.

    Thank you, and 'good luck' :-)

  3. Poor soul. Still you luck in a way. You have your health, your home and your family.

    I think your lucky person.

  4. About cafe & workman...it happened to me :)

    About your baggage coming out the last... One clever man (shhh, only don`t let him know that I said so about him:P) told that he comes last with his baggage to airport to recieve it the first :)

    Omelet... hi from my brother.

    And you know, dear Don Veto, when I come to a bank to take money... I have a lot of people before me... & nobody after me. & I must wait. But thats not all... They always have problems with me... mistakes in documents... hanging pc... etc.
    I`m not nervous about it already.
    I will feel discomfort if it does not happen :)

    P.S. I`m not bad too ;-)

  5. Absolutely Don... it is all good in the end...
    See in my case I'm the living epitome of Murphy's Law... so if something bad is gonna happen, it is gonna happen and it's gonna happen at the wrong time !!!
    But simultaneously I'm a Good luck charm for other :) (Not to forget my 7obah helps to balance it out a little too ;P)
    So I can’t help but be my optimistic self by agreeing with you and saying that in the end, it’s all good :)

  6. I'm pretty lucky most of the time mashallah.

    Although when I'm in a hurry to get somewhere kilshay yitsala6! wiseer red traffic lights and car accidents. :(

  7. LOL that was fun... well maybe not for you. Happens to us all I am sure.
    As for the luggage - take a carryon bag next time :p

    what's a man got to pack anyways?? Even I travel with a carryon if I have to stay somewhere less than a month.


  8. computerchi: well when your quota of bqd luck runs out, all that is left is good luck ;-) get it ?

    scarlo: good luck to you, thanks

    hussa: I was not complaining, it is just minor bad luck incidents which I can take everyday rather than major disasters other poor souls might have, I am very thankful for my good luck.

    sever: its funny isn't it, and good luck to you.

    diigmaa: wow you got 7oba powers, now that is a gift. I better stay on your good side otherwise I am dead or worse.

    adorra: just like me, circumstances make sure you never get there on time when you really need to.

    QC: I usually do if the trip is short, a man does not need much, just his shaving kit and é or three sets of clothes.