Steve Jobs and Apple - The Great Presenter

Here is a video of Steve Jobs in 1984 introducing the Macintosh. Note how he does not talk about technology but humanizes Macintosh like it was a long awaited friend. He shows all the technology features like full audio music, advanced graphics, WYSIWYG displays and fonts, and its compact size he even lets Macintosh speak in a synthesized voice. As a result the hall goes wild.

Here is and ad for the iMac. No technology talk here again, no feature list, no competitive comparisions, just plug it into the wall, connect the network cable, and you have a working useful friend with a friendly curved outer shell and eye catching color.

Here is an ad about iPod, with silhouettes dancing and the white iPod and headphones clearly shown shown. The idea here is not to sell a hard disk embedded digital music player, but more of a lifestyle of freedom, dancing and having fun.

Carmine Gallo from Businessweek explain how to How to Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs. The main points being:

  • Sell the Benefit
  • Practice, Practice, and Practice Some More
  • Keep It Visual
  • "And One More Thing..."

Not all Apple products where successful, they declined when Jobs left them and picked up after he joined Apple again.

Here is a comprehensive list of all Apple products.


  1. great post - certainly brings back a lot of memories..i also remember shortly after macintosh he introduced a pc called LISA - i dont think that took off

  2. i must say im absolutely in love with my mac products.. my ipod, my gorgeous macbook, all those neat toys that go along with them
    tech heaven :">

  3. OMG history in the making. Look at how things have gone from Macintosh to iMac. WOW.
    Wa3lyah he cries like it was his baby who just spoke. It's so amazing.

    And the ad for iMac, it's so simple. No hassle no imitations. Like the iMac.

    Look how successful Apple as a company is. They have originality and uniqueness.

    Good post bro.

  4. Don,

    Steve Jobs is wicked !!
    I've got a huge presentation this week... thanks for the "How to Wow 'Em Like Steve Jobs" link ;***

    came in quite handy !!!

  5. amer: welcome to my blog, actually Lisa was built before the Mac, it was named after Jobs current girlfriend and the mother of his child. It did not take off but a lot of technology and innovation was later redesigned and put in the Macintosh.

    dodo: See, you bought into Job's vision and you are now a bona fide convert. Not to say it is bad, Apple products are excellent.

    hussa: impresive isn't it. People want product that stir their emotions and will not give them a hard time, exactly what Apple is doing.

    diigmaa: glad to be of help, let me know how your presentation goes, you never know, you might get a standing ovation like Jobs did when he introduced the Macintosh.

  6. You missed this point from the article. I think it is important:
    "Exude Passion, Energy, and Enthusiasm"

  7. BTW, why is it that men's faces grow wider as they get older?

    Check out this recent photo of Jobs. http://www.mercola.com/images/newsletter/2005/07/05/steve_jobs.jpg