Waiter Woes

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The lights are low, soft music is playing. You are sitting at your favorite place in your favorite restaurant, dressed to the nines and looking like a million bucks. The waiter approaches with your ordered beverages, he stumbles, time slows down. You start seeing everything move in slow motion, the beverages are flying and one lands right on your lap. The restaurant goes quiet, eyes turns towards you, what do you do:

1) You forgive him, while fuming inside.
2) You forgive him and put the startled waiter at ease with a little self depreciating humor.
3) You say "I could buy this place and fire you."
4) You say "I know the owner and I could have you fired."

Well whatever your reaction, it will reveal a lot about you, as Office Depot CEO Steve Odland says how you treat a waiter can predict a lot about character and other top CEOs agree.


  1. Choice 2 will be what I would do!

  2. 2 for sure !! (plus a good tip) :P

  3. "I know Don Veto, he'll have you liquidated. And then hung out to dry."

  4. 5) "Oh it's okay, don't worry about it..."
    I don't know why people act like it's the end of the world when they get the wrong dressing on their salads. Chill out. Life's too short.

  5. Two

    I 'waitressed' for a while, I know how it feels to serve a mean, funny-smelling arse.

  6. All: Everyone is a potential CEO, you all understand that a CEO, President, Big Boss or whatever title is currently fashionable is not through dictating and threatening but by winning your people's hearts. Power to all of you.

  7. its true classier and more confident *and* competent peeps are always respectful to others

  8. Interesting article. I think it is true and I have experienced it. But forget CEO's, here in Kuwait everyone who was born with a silver spoon in their mouth and had slave waiting on his every whim and desire is a prime candidate. A bit of a stereo type I know, but it is mostly true. Domestic help are not treated as humans. They are treated more like IT people.