Life, the Universe, and Everything

Seth Lloyd an MIT proffesor say the Universe is a giant Quantum Computer. The bits are atoms and collisons are operations.


Schrödinger's cat disagrees.


  1. i did a project on schrodinger and his cat experiment...ohh how i enjoyed it and suprisingly he never really preformed his cat experiment it was just a think a thought thingy...and his eqaution my goodness soo long and ohhh yea his theory of wave like electrons or something like that well am boring you...but hehehe your post brought back memories from last year :P....staying up to dawn trying to understand what on earth schrodinger was all about :P

  2. So what's the clock frequency of the universe? :P

  3. Totally off topic Don,

    But I have a confession.. I got lost trying to get to Cafeteria shwaikh :P so I was out today and we were in that area... and the darling with me knew the spot and took me there !!!

    YaaaaaY :)

    Eeeemmmm wasn't hungry so we didn't order anything but water :P so this doesn't count, will go when I'm super hungry to try everything out :P

    Well just wanted to tell you that I know where it is now.. Thanx for your efforts..

    I owe u and the designated driver Fa6ayer :P

  4. Just wanted to ask:
    how our, Don Veto? :)

  5. That kitty needs a nose job.

  6. battlefield: don't worry, no one really understands quantum mechanics, even scientists are baffled.

    3baid: whatever it is, I hope it is not runnig Windows 98, it crashes 3 times every day.

    diigmaa: congratulations, but why since you got so close didn't you try the fatayer? waiting for your report soon ;-)

    QC: hehe, my words and the cat's words exactly.

    computerchi: I could explain but I will put everyone to sleep, just to say it is a very nerdy joke.

    sever: I am fine, what about you?

    adorra: you wouldnt say that if you knew the cat's fate.